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01 Aug '14

The Charm of a Baby Journal

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

As much as I love the ease of preserving precious mothering moments/children's cute antics online via social media and digital photo albums - there's something truly delightful about keeping a paper baby journal.

Writing memories down takes a little more time and thought, but over the years, looking back on a journal filled with recorded moments/quotes, and printed photos is a real treasure. Grandparents love to look through it...and as your baby gets older, even they will enjoy reading through it with you!

The baby journal we offer at Brimful is labeled with sections like "the world around you" and "your favorite things". It does not tell you what to write, but rather serves as an inspiration for a highly individualized journey. I also love that it's baby-proofed with a clear, soft plastic cover to protect against grease and water. Designed, printed and assembled in Germany, we are one of the few shops that offer it here in the Unites States.

If you are looking for a meaningful, modern gift to give to a new parent, we think the baby journal is just the thing.


28 Jun '14

Brand Highlight - Fournier

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites

Ever since Annie and I laid eyes on the knit pieces by Fournier, we've been oohing and ahhing over them... and for good reason! Anabel Fournier's collections are luxurious and the designs are so chic and fun.

My daughter Sydney was given Andoni on her birthday (and was super ecstatic to unwrap him!!). In the days following, we've all fallen in love with this finely knit gentleman . His daily uses are many: decor pillow, travel friend, shopping assistant, and reading partner. What's really striking about Andoni, and all Fournier products, is the incredibly soft, silky feel of the alpaca wool. I've learned that alpaca wool has a reduced tendency to pill, so wear is reduced and our Andoni shouldn't loose his shape over time (barring the overeating of Pintxo!).

The entire Fournier collection is crafted of the finest baby alpaca wool, organic cotton, and pima cotton (grown in Peru) - resulting in a luxuriously soft texture in every knit piece. We love that Anabel Fournier founded her company as a poverty alleviation project in Bolivia. The result is an exquisite, eco-friendly product that will draw attention in any room. 

We are so pleased to carry a brand with such a great ethic and products. You can find Fournier pillows in our Accessories section and Fournier soft animal toys in Animals & Dolls.

29 May '14

Brimful Brand Enthusiast - Kelly Fondots


Brimful BE 3


Hello! My name is Kelly Fondots, I have a wonderful and supportive husband named Anthony, and together we are raising our three amazing children- Greysen (5), Sebastian (3), and Ivy Scout (8.5 months) in San Diego, CA. We believe in spontaneous trips, park picnics, and the importance of family meals together every Sunday.

I was born here in San Diego, CA and my children are fifth generation "locals." I had Grey at a young age, and I dove into motherhood with the idea that we both needed each other very strongly. I wanted to do what was best for the new tiny person person in my life, which for me, meant nursing, wooden/bpa-free toys (which in 2008 were not as popular as they are now), co-sleeping, and baby-led weaning, etc.

I felt a sense of peace with myself at the path I had chosen, and knew instantly that motherhood was what I was meant to do-- it was effortless and felt so natural. I have a fullness in my heart that is a bit overwhelming at times-- in the best way possible. Our family love is raw and true, blessed beyond measure. My confidence lies within my children, but has also grown as we all grow with each other. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Brimful BE 2


I was so excited when Kari and Annie asked me to be a Brimful brand enthusiast for their shop! I had ordered Ivy a few Christmas gifts last year and was so appreciative of their customer service, and equally as happy with their well-curated, eco-friendly shop. They are both stylish and whole people that I knew instantly that their shop wouldn't disappoint. 

Brimful BE 1


A few items I am loving from Brimful:

Cozy Mouse Teether - Ivy has used this teether since she was three months old and it’s still a constant favorite around here. Bonus is the rattle inside and softness!

Wooden Baby Maracas - We love music in this household and think these maracas would be a super added bonus to the three piece band we already have going on. 

Wooden Ring Stacker - All three kids are using this item. I love that it is all wood, and that Ivy can’t choke on the rings. Grey is teaching Seb how to count, and Seb is teaching Ivy how to sort. It’s great!

Juliette Rabbit - We love stuffies and you can never go wrong with organic fleece. 

Melamine spoons - These melamine spoons we are using are so cute and the colors are great.

Mama and Baby! - We love this book! The pages are baby-proof, meaning Ivy can “read” without a sibling worrying about her tearing the pages.

The Swing - This is also a current favorite, with such beautiful the illustrations...it's a second teether for Ivy :).

xx Kelly




08 May '14

Favorite Female Bloggers (who happen to be mothers too)

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites
Favorite Female Bloggers


About seven years ago, I was feeling bored and needing a creative outlet...so I started a blog. It was a simple place - a spot to share photos and little life stories with friends and family. Blogs were really starting to be viable avenues of revenue for women then and I considered going that route, but ultimately decided not to monetize it or try to grow my audience. I think back now and realize it was the blog that gave me the first taste of "working" online. I found other blogs and bloggers to follow/befriend and it ultimately inspired the launch of Brimful!

Mother's Day is this Sunday. We keep it pretty low key here at my house. A card, some flowers...maybe a special sweet treat. There's nothing more special than the handmade paper crafts my children make me, don't you agree? Any positive attributes I have as a mother have largely been inspired by watching the women around me - both in real life and online. 

Today, I'd like to dedicate this post to six women* who REALLY inspire me - as a business woman, as a wife, and as a mother. All of these ladies are bloggers I've followed for various lengths of time....some since I started that little blog of mine seven years ago...and a few just since Brimful opened this past fall.

My time is very precious and I don't read many blogs, but I do take time almost every day to read the posts of these women...because they don't just write about products or take photos of pretty things. They are SMART! They are good MOTHERS and WIVES. They are KIND. And last, but not least, they INSPIRE others to live better.  *All photos used with permission.

Without further adieu, please meet my favorite female bloggers (starting at the top left and going clockwise):

LaTonya Staubs - Brooklyn, New York: Old, New and the Wee One Too

Courtney Adamo - London, England: Babyccino Kids

Joy Cho - Los Angeles, California: Oh Joy!

Gabrielle Blair - Oakland, California: Design Mom

Arianne Foulks - Seattle, Washington: Aeolidia

Karen Cheng - Perth, Australia: Karen Cheng's Fashion and Life

Happy Mother's Day!



02 May '14

Woodland Silhouettes

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites
Ben Pinder silhouettes


You never know who you might meet at a birthday party.

Late last summer, right before Brimful launched, I attended a neighborhood birthday party. As chance would have it, I sat down to eat next to Brooklynite Ben Pinder* and his family, who were in town visiting family. The launch of the new website came up, which led to talk of baby toys and nursery decor. And that led to Ben sharing about the animal silhouettes he had painted for his oldest daughter when she was an infant. Months of collaborative emails later, Kari and I are so thrilled to add four woodland silhouettes by Ben in the shop. Purchased individually or as a set, these silhouettes are sure to fascinate and brighten any baby's room. 

Ben shared with us that "the first incarnation of these paintings were done for my newborn baby.  Each one is painted by hand, so it is individually unique with visible brush strokes and attention to detail. The simple, contrasting shapes and colors are easy for newborns to focus on and helps develop their vision."  

Kari's personal favorite is the Hedgehog...and I'm rather drawn to the Deer. But then the Owl and Squirrel are pretty fabulous too! 

As always, these new shop products were chosen with careful thought and love for all babies...we want the best for our customers! I'll be back next week with a special Mother's Day post.



*Ben Pinder studied art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he works and lives with his wife and two daughters.  He currently spends his time drawing, painting, building speakers, and making books in his tiny kitchen.