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27 Jun '14

Brand Highlight - Fournier

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites

Ever since Annie and I laid eyes on the knit pieces by Fournier, we've been oohing and ahhing over them... and for good reason! Anabel Fournier's collections are luxurious and the designs are so chic and fun.

My daughter Sydney was given Andoni on her birthday (and was super ecstatic to unwrap him!!). In the days following, we've all fallen in love with this finely knit gentleman . His daily uses are many: decor pillow, travel friend, shopping assistant, and reading partner. What's really striking about Andoni, and all Fournier products, is the incredibly soft, silky feel of the alpaca wool. I've learned that alpaca wool has a reduced tendency to pill, so wear is reduced and our Andoni shouldn't loose his shape over time (barring the overeating of Pintxo!).

The entire Fournier collection is crafted of the finest baby alpaca wool, organic cotton, and pima cotton (grown in Peru) - resulting in a luxuriously soft texture in every knit piece. We love that Anabel Fournier founded her company as a poverty alleviation project in Bolivia. The result is an exquisite, eco-friendly product that will draw attention in any room. 

We are so pleased to carry a brand with such a great ethic and products. You can find Fournier pillows in our Accessories section and Fournier soft animal toys in Animals & Dolls.