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07 Sep '21

11 Whimsical Toadstool + Mushroom Themed Gifts

Posted by Annie Messing

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I recently read that one of this year's hottest design trends is mushrooms, so it comes as no surprise that cheery red toadstools and sweet brown mushrooms keep popping up on children's apparel, toys and accessories. I mean, just look at this adorable toadstool teether added to the shop last week - so cute!

Toadstools and mushrooms are ubiquitous in children's stories as fairy homes, so I think it's rather cute that we are seeing these whimsically shaped fungi having their own design moment. Whether you're obsessed with this trend or just mildly dipping your toe into it, I hope you enjoy perusing through today's gift roundup.

P.S. This mushroom trend also gives us the perfect opportunity to remind our little ones: DO NOT EAT WILD MUSHROOMS.