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12 Apr '21

Pandemic Fatigue and Sticking Together

Posted by Annie Messing

The timing of Grapat's newest collection of wooden loose parts could not have come at a better time. I don't know about you, but I NEED the reminder that no matter what life flings at us, leaning on each other makes any burden more bearable. Parents, I know you are feeling fatigued from remote learning, not being able to visit your loved ones, grappling difficult conversations on racism with your children and so much more. This past year has left an indelible mark on us all.

I came across an article recently that had just the right words to lift my spirits.

"Good and tired people need to cultivate community, to stay connected to our tribes of affinity, and to carry one another through the fatigue when it comes. We fill in the gaps among us, and we let those of us who feel strong enough today to engage the fight for those who need to catch their breathe and renew their strength. We surround ourselves with people who value us not only for the work we do and the causes we support, but for the inherently vulnerable beings with finite resources that we are; those who demand that we rest and encourage us to play and give us space to pause—so that we are not consumed by the brutality of the day. Community is an elixir for the soul, and we need such good togetherness medicine more than ever..."

Throughout this past year of the pandemic, you have consistently shown up to support Brimful. Your emails and messages of appreciation/satisfaction of an order truly bolster me. Thank you. 

With much gratitude, I'm having a little giveaway this week! One lucky winner will receive the new Together set. You can enter on Instagram. The giveaway will only be open for 24 hours and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 13th.

xoxo, Annie