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30 Apr '19

Five Helpful Parenting Resources

Posted by Annie Messing

My four children get out of school in just a few weeks, which means as thrilled as I am to have more time with them this summer, I also know my not-so-deep well of patience will be tested. I feel very blessed that for the most part, my children get along quite well. The squabbles do occur though and wow, I can feel so drained helping them mediate through it!

This summer, I have decided to create a "parenting toolbox" for myself. It's nothing too complicated, just some resources that I can turn to when I need some emotional encouragement and support. In case it may be useful for you as well, here is what I've gathered thus far.

Annie's Summer Parenting Toolbox
2. Courtney Adamo's new e-course, In The Loop (sign-up through May 15th)
3. Raising Mixed Race by Sharon Chang
4. Parents Magazine special edition: The Mindful Life, (on newsstands now)
I am excited to read, listen, and learn from all five of these sources, as many of them have come highly recommended. If you have a parenting resource you would like to share, please feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!