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03 May '24

Meet Holly from Creative Capes

Posted by Annie Messing

Let me introduce you to my friend Holly from Creative Capes. She makes amazing personalized handmade capes, masks, and shields for children, empowering them to unleash their inner heroes.

I lovingly call Holly my "business bestie" because we get along so well and enjoy chatting about all things imaginative play, female entrepreneurship, and the magic of childhood.

My son Shiloh absolutely adores his superhero cape from Creative Capes and all the cool accessories that came with it. I am particularly impressed with how silky the cape feels and the sturdy stitching. Every kid needs one of these.

Holly makes capes in all colors and sizes - even ones for adults. I'm not even kidding when I tell you that after seeing Shiloh swish around the house in his cape, my husband said he needs one too (Hello Father's Day gift!).

Please check out Creative Capes and remember it the next time you need a freshen up the playroom costume collection!