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16 Dec '16

Twelve Stocking Stuffers Kids Will LOVE

Posted by Annie Messing

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Are your kids like mine? On Christmas morning, my four look forward to seeing what's in their stockings almost more than the gifts under the tree! Instead of candy and cheap treats, I like to find stocking stuffers that are small but wonderful.

A warm neck scarf for the cold winter months, a wooden rattle to entertain a teething baby, and a card game to liven up a family night - these are some of the dozen stocking stuffers I've picked out in this gift guide.

Don't forget to also check out my holiday gift guides for The Little Foodie and The Little Traveler.



12 Dec '16

Gifts for the Little Traveler

Posted by Annie Messing in Gift Guides

For the child who loves to plan for an adventure - we have the perfect gift guide for you! Whether it's a real trip or just a pretend one, your little traveler will be well-prepared for anything. We've found a map that's meant to be crumpled, a furry teddy friend to keep company during long trips, and the most adorable satchel to keep belongings safe along the way. Bon Voyage!


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27 Nov '16

Gifts for the Little Foodie

Posted by Annie Messing in Gift Guides

This year's Brimful gift guides are organized by theme instead of age - and first up is gifts for little foodies. 

Kids love to play pretend and more often than not, that usually means something involving food, am I right? Here's eight food-themed gifts that range from ice cream rattles for babies to a fascinating illustrated guide about food for older kids. Stay tuned for more themed holiday gifts guides in the days to come!

See last year's holiday gift guides here.

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25 Oct '16

Twelve Caramel-Colored Fall Clothing Styles for Little Kids

Posted by Annie Messing

The rich honey-hued color of yellow falling leaves - I'm seeing it everywhere right now. No matter what you might call it - Goldenrod/Caramel/Saffron - isn't it just the most glorious shade? It makes me want to go bake a pumpkin toffee pie - ha!

Inspired by this autumn season, here are twelve caramel-colored clothing styles for little girls and boys. I can't choose a favorite - they are all just TOO GOOD. Ok, so actually it's ELEVEN clothing picks and one very adorable crochet corn rattle ;). Enjoy!

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05 Sep '16

Seven Retro Classics For Mama + Child

Posted by Annie Messing in Fashion and Style

The transition from late summer to early fall is one of my favorite times of the year! The temps are (hopefully) just a bit cooler, school is back in session, and yet the carefree spirit of summertime still lingers during the beginning of September. In just a few weeks, on September 20th, we are adding our fall collection of toys/books/accessories to Brimful!

Kari and I couldn't be more excited about the new products we've chosen for you and your little ones to enjoy this fall! We've always found vintage toys and books to be a major inspiration and this collection really captures the vibe of what I'm calling "retro classic". Not sure if that's a thing, but I'm just going with it ;). Numbers 1 and 3 in this post's mood board are actually two of the products we'll be adding to the shop. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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