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08 May '14

Favorite Female Bloggers (who happen to be mothers too)

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites
Favorite Female Bloggers


About seven years ago, I was feeling bored and needing a creative outlet...so I started a blog. It was a simple place - a spot to share photos and little life stories with friends and family. Blogs were really starting to be viable avenues of revenue for women then and I considered going that route, but ultimately decided not to monetize it or try to grow my audience. I think back now and realize it was the blog that gave me the first taste of "working" online. I found other blogs and bloggers to follow/befriend and it ultimately inspired the launch of Brimful!

Mother's Day is this Sunday. We keep it pretty low key here at my house. A card, some flowers...maybe a special sweet treat. There's nothing more special than the handmade paper crafts my children make me, don't you agree? Any positive attributes I have as a mother have largely been inspired by watching the women around me - both in real life and online. 

Today, I'd like to dedicate this post to six women* who REALLY inspire me - as a business woman, as a wife, and as a mother. All of these ladies are bloggers I've followed for various lengths of time....some since I started that little blog of mine seven years ago...and a few just since Brimful opened this past fall.

My time is very precious and I don't read many blogs, but I do take time almost every day to read the posts of these women...because they don't just write about products or take photos of pretty things. They are SMART! They are good MOTHERS and WIVES. They are KIND. And last, but not least, they INSPIRE others to live better.  *All photos used with permission.

Without further adieu, please meet my favorite female bloggers (starting at the top left and going clockwise):

LaTonya Staubs - Brooklyn, New York: Old, New and the Wee One Too

Courtney Adamo - London, England: Babyccino Kids

Joy Cho - Los Angeles, California: Oh Joy!

Gabrielle Blair - Oakland, California: Design Mom

Arianne Foulks - Seattle, Washington: Aeolidia

Karen Cheng - Perth, Australia: Karen Cheng's Fashion and Life

Happy Mother's Day!