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22 Aug '14

Board Books by Alain Gree

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

I was first introduced to the work of French author and illustrator Alain Gree while wandering through the gift shop at London's Tate Modern last summer. His illustrations popped out to me in such an attractive manner, I immediately scooped up the available titles and purchased them as gifts for my older school age children. We've loved looking at them together -  the pages are just so whimsical!

Several months ago, I found out Gree's work was being published in a new board book format, and I immediately put them on our wish list for Brimful's book collection! These books are still hard to find here in the US, so I am thrilled we've been able to bring them over from Europe for you.

You can now purchase three Alain Gree titles in our shop:  "My first book of Nature", "My first book of Sounds" and "My first book of Animals". The board books are wipe-friendly with vibrant pictures and large, bold text, so perfect for little hands and eyes. I'm a little crazy about children's books, as you've probably noticed from Instagram, so you can imagine how excited I am about adding these products to Brimful. Doing a little happy dance here on the other side of the screen! (wink)

If it interests you, you can read more about Alain Gree here.