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01 Aug '14

The Charm of a Baby Journal

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

As much as I love the ease of preserving precious mothering moments/children's cute antics online via social media and digital photo albums - there's something truly delightful about keeping a paper baby journal.

Writing memories down takes a little more time and thought, but over the years, looking back on a journal filled with recorded moments/quotes, and printed photos is a real treasure. Grandparents love to look through it...and as your baby gets older, even they will enjoy reading through it with you!

The baby journal we offer at Brimful is labeled with sections like "the world around you" and "your favorite things". It does not tell you what to write, but rather serves as an inspiration for a highly individualized journey. I also love that it's baby-proofed with a clear, soft plastic cover to protect against grease and water. Designed, printed and assembled in Germany, we are one of the few shops that offer it here in the Unites States.

If you are looking for a meaningful, modern gift to give to a new parent, we think the baby journal is just the thing.