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02 Feb '15

New Brimful Product: Natural Rubber Origami Boats

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites, Product Reviews


Make room rubber duckie, there is a new toy in the tub!
What better way to introduce water play toys to Brimful than with rubber origami boats? These amazingly designed boats are so fun...and soft enough for even the youngest bathers to enjoy in or out of the tub. They are natural, ecological, and biodegradable and each is handmade using colors that are safe for baby. 
The designers behind Oli & Carol are 20 and 15 year old sisters with a passion for design and creating superior, natural, rubber toys. It's exciting to carry products from innovative and young designers who understand the importance of responsible production ethics. 
Annie and I are thrilled to be among the first retailers to carry this Barcelona-based brand in the U.S.
Draw the bath and play on!
10 Nov '14

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

 With the arrival of a new baby always comes the chance to try out fun new baby gear. While I'm not into having every gadget and gizmo, there are some products that are so good, they've really made my life easier as I learn to juggle four children.

I've been a longtime user of the Ergo baby carrier and love it so much that my husband and I each have our own! But the Ergo isn't ideal for babies younger than six months. Also, with a new split level home to navigate, I worried how I was going keep Shiloh close to me while still getting housework done. A few weeks before he was born, I purchased the Solly Baby wrap. So many mothers on Instagram touted how nice it was, I decided to give it a try!

Back when I was pregnant with my first, I had researched free-form baby wraps. But the complicated instructional videos intimidated me from trying it out. With the Solly Baby wrap, I actually watched founder Elle Rowley's how-to video while I was still recovering in the hospital. It was so easy to follow her directions, I taught my husband how to put it on and wear the baby before we even brought him home!

As many mothers have already said, the Solly Baby wrap is different from other wraps of similar design because the fabric is lighter and stretchier. Even with it wrapped several times around the body, it has a "barely-there" feel to it.

What I like most of all is how much I've been able to do while wearing Shiloh with the wrap. This list includes: vacuuming the stairs, sweeping the floor, changing my toddler's diaper, folding the laundry, washing the windows, cooking spaghetti, and yes, even using the bathroom. Seriously, it's been more functional than I even imagined!

If you are thinking about trying out a free-form baby wrap for your little one, I recommend the Solly Baby wrap with two thumbs up. In fact, I've loved mine so much that Solly Baby has graciously included a wrap to the "Brimful Favorites" giveaway we are hosting on Instagram later this week. So follow us there to get all the details!




03 Nov '14

New Toys for Christmas 2014

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites

Halloween is past, November is here, so that must mean it's time to say hello to the holidays! I personally like to wait another few weeks to to play any Christmas music, but I know Annie is itching to have her favorite holiday album on repeat already.

We are so excited to introduce several new toys to Brimful this week. These are products that both Annie and I have carefully chosen and discussed every detail about. We are crazy for well-made toys and I hope it shows as you look over all the new items.


Here are some of the new toys I'm really loving:

Little Blue Helicopter - Made of solid wood, both propellers spin for realistic play. 

Wiggles the Elephant - A Brimful exclusive, Mr. Wiggles is ready to cuddle and play all day. 

Wooden Hedgehog - This push toy is so darling with it's little red nose! 

Balancing Scale - A gorgeous wooden toy that is sure to fascinate your little one. It is crafted from solid wood and the pieces are finished with a certified non-toxic stain.

Over the next seven weeks before Christmas, we will have fun giveaways, new products added to the shop, and more. You can follow us on Instagram and also sign up to receive our newsletter for store updates and specials. 








21 Oct '14

New! Amber Bead Pacifier Chain

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites

Each product selected for Brimful meets three important standards: well crafted, useful, and beautiful. We're so very pleased to add another beautiful pacifier chain to our Accessories collection.

This chain mixes natural wood with pure amber stones. The chain fastens to clothes, blankets, or lovies, keeping pacifiers off the ground and always within baby's reach. It's perfectly gender neutral and simply beautiful.

Here's to no more lost binkies!





22 Aug '14

Board Books by Alain Gree

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

I was first introduced to the work of French author and illustrator Alain Gree while wandering through the gift shop at London's Tate Modern last summer. His illustrations popped out to me in such an attractive manner, I immediately scooped up the available titles and purchased them as gifts for my older school age children. We've loved looking at them together -  the pages are just so whimsical!

Several months ago, I found out Gree's work was being published in a new board book format, and I immediately put them on our wish list for Brimful's book collection! These books are still hard to find here in the US, so I am thrilled we've been able to bring them over from Europe for you.

You can now purchase three Alain Gree titles in our shop:  "My first book of Nature", "My first book of Sounds" and "My first book of Animals". The board books are wipe-friendly with vibrant pictures and large, bold text, so perfect for little hands and eyes. I'm a little crazy about children's books, as you've probably noticed from Instagram, so you can imagine how excited I am about adding these products to Brimful. Doing a little happy dance here on the other side of the screen! (wink)

If it interests you, you can read more about Alain Gree here.