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15 Aug '15

8 Great Back to School Picks

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

That "back to school" vibe is in the air - can you feel it?

I'm thankful my children wear uniforms to school, so other than the usual list of school supplies, it hasn't been too crazy getting prepared for the first day of school. Upon checking over Fen and Di's backpacks and lunch totes recently, I'm impressed to see they continue to hold up nicely - no need for new ones! Mei-Mei is starting preschool and oh golly, she's so excited. She doesn't need much this year, just a few little things to make this first going-to-school experience a special one. 

Here are my back-to-school favorites for both preschool and elementary ages - enjoy!

1 // L.L. Bean backpacks are simple, but oh-so-durable. I'm all about getting it monogrammed too!

2 // These bright melamine spoons from our shop are great for applesauce, fruit cups, and yogurt. Kids love to pick out their favorite color for lunch or snacktime.

3 // Smarty Pants vitamins come in single serving size pouches, so pop one into your child's lunchbox and they'll be healthy and happy to enjoy a little "sweet treat" before lunchtime is over.

4 // So Young coated linen lunchboxes are just so functional and high quality - I can't recommend them enough! There's an inner liner that removes for easy cleaning - genius.

5 // Willaby Clothier makes such wonderfully bespoke peices - I bought this sweet blue dress for Mei-Mei's fall wardrobe.

6 // Preschoolers learning their colors will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book by Kate Endle.

7 // Greenbury Kids carries a fun collection of children's socks - and these raccoon ones have been wildly popular. I can see why!

8 // For children who've just moved and are starting at a new school, a special new stuffed animal might be just the thing to help make the transition a bit smoother. Annicke Mouse is a favorite in our home - I think it's those big floppy years of hers...just so charming!