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13 Dec '18

Six Wonderful Wooden Toys to Gift this Christmas

Posted by Annie Messing
There are so many fantastic wooden toys available right now from small family-owned craftsmen to larger, more established toy companies in Europe. Before I go any further though, I want to remind readers that a well-designed wooden toy is always going to be made with hardwoods, whereas a mass-produced wooden toy will be made of either a soft pine or particle board. The latter will not last more than a few years. The paint will chip off, the wood itself will splinter and you'll wonder why you didn't just go with an equivalent in plastic from the start!
A well-designed toy made of hardwoods will last for years if not decades. The edges of the toy may smooth over time and need a little oiling if it isn't finished with a top sealant. But on the whole, a toy made of hardwoods will stand the test of time. Yes, this higher quality toy does tend to be more expensive, but when you watch your child play over and over with that same toy - year after year, you'll realize it was worth it.
Today I am sharing six beautifully designed wooden toys that are all still available for this holiday season. Most of these toys, like the bow + arrow set, the forklift, the elephant puzzle, and the woodland animals are all ones my own four children have and play with often. No matter how many times I have to pick these up off the floor at the end of the day, I smile at how well-loved they are. These are toys that truly enrich playtime and inspire a child's imagination!
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