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19 Sep '17

Seven Autumn Picks for Mama + Child

Posted by Annie Messing
It's been almost five years since I bought a pair of jeans...and well, I've come to accept that my current pair isn't fitting me like it used to. (I have gravity, age, and a surprise c-section to thank for that!)

I think we can all agree that jean shopping is notoriously annoying...so many different fits and fabrics. So to my surprise, I found these jeans to be exactly what I was looking for...and it didn't take 20 pairs and half a day of shopping to find them! I'm pleased that even after several wears, the jean material hasn't stretched out and the high-waist feels very comfortable. Paired with this lovely cotton top, I feel comfortable and stylish while chasing my little 3 year-old around the house.

Speaking of being around the house, these children's pajamas/loungewear from Mabo are a real favorite for my 5 year-old right now. She comes straight home from school and puts them on...I imagine she'd wear them day in and day out if I let her! The high-quality cotton fabric paired with the classic polka dot design makes playtime at home very cozy and cute.

The fall season hasn't quite hit us here in DC, but I'm stringing up an autumn-inspired garland and dreaming of apples nonetheless. As my children spend more time playing indoors, I've brought more blocks out for them to play with. Blocks are rather like an ever-changing modern art installation, don't you think? (wink)

I just finished curating all the new fall/winter toys + books for the shop, including the milk-loving knit cat you can spot in this post. The new products will be arriving in about a month - Happy Fall!