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26 Apr '16

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Ten Gifts That Will Make Her Feel Special

Posted by Annie Messing in Gift Guides

Over the years, Kari and I have received a whole variety of Mother's Day gifts. There's been books, perfume, clothing, fresh flowers...but certainly the most treasured gifts are the cards and drawings created by our children. I remember one particular year, I was visiting my sister in London and came back a few days after Mother's Day. Upon my arrival home, there was a whole display on the kitchen table of cards, drawings, and paper crafts that Fen and Di had made. Gosh, it's one of my favorite memories!

We put our heads together and compiled a list of unique gifts, all based on same/similar gifts we've received in the past. May you feel beautiful and well-loved this coming Mother's Day!


Ace & Jig Jumpsuit in Flare - Buttons down the front make it breastfeeding-friendly and the bright cheery textile means you'll feel pulled together without even trying! Available from Seedstore in mid-May.

B10 Bracelet by Sergio Gutierrez - Kari's husband gave her one a few years ago...and it's just exceptional! The bracelet's silky mesh-like pattern molds beautifully to the wrist and it's the perfect statement piece without being too showy.

The Count of Monte Cristo - If there's anything I wish I could do more of, it's to read! Even after a long day of caring for the children, it's always such as stress-reliever to lose oneself in a few chapters of a good book. This classic by Alexandre Dumas is one of Kari's all-time favorites!

Intelligentsia House Blend, Direct Trade, Whole Bean Coffee - Good coffee is never a bad gift - and Intelligentsia makes some of the best! Motherhood and caffeine - it's basically a given, right?

40 Blinks Sleep Mask - I use this eye mask when I travel and even at home if I'm taking a nap during the day...it's amazing! I know, it basically looks like a bra for your eyes, haha! The mask has a special contoured shape so there's no pressure on the eyes, allowing for higher quality rest.

Le Labo Rose Lotion - There's lotion - and then there's Le Labo. I've been using this lotion for five years and it's still a favorite. The scent is mildly floral, but also mysterious...and I just love that it lasts all day!

Framed Photo - For grandmothers, a framed photo of her grandkids is always a well-appreciated gift. I love the entire concept behind Framebridge - they make framing a piece of cake...and the prices are reasonable. Win-Win.

Holepunch Transport Tote - Kari and I both have totes like this one - it's the perfect everyday bag for all the mothering necessities...wallet, snacks, sunscreen, toys, books, baby wipes, diapers, etc. Stylish on the outside, answers to all life's little problems on the inside (wink). Every mother should have one!

Tatine Garden + Forest Infusion Candle - Ten years ago, I walked into Tatine Candles' now shuttered candle shop in Chicago and have been a loyal customer ever since! These candles make great gifts - they burn long and smell utterly amazing.

Ceramic Fish Gurgle Pitcher - Whimsically designed and yet quite functional, Kari and I think cheery red carafe is so fun. The pitcher makes a delightful gurgle when pouring - talk about a great conversation piece at the dinner table!