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01 Nov '13

Happy Friday!

Posted by Annie Messing in Happy Friday

Hope you all enjoyed a fun night of costumes and candy last night. Or maybe you eschew trick-or-treating and did a harvest festival instead? Either way, I hope you are enjoying a little more sugar than usual today! 

The weather here in New Mexico has turned decidedly chillier this week...we still have a wonderful blue sky overhead, but I've been digging out the down jackets and knit caps for me and my little ones. 

With frosty mornings and chilly temps in mind, here are a few of my cold-weather favorites as well as other links to check out over the weekend:

The World's Best Leggings - Wunder Under Pant by Lululemon (I live in mine!)

Thick Lotion for Chapped Hands - Vanilla and Bergamot Body Butter by Bliss

A Very Cool Graphic Novel - The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Best Movie I've Seen In A Long Time - Intouchables 

Something for the Little Ones - The Adorable World of Pip And Posy

Kari and I will be working hard over the weekend adding several new products to the shop, so check back next week!