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16 Apr '16

New Spring Toys Are Here!

Posted by Annie Messing in Behind the Scenes

This past weekend, Kari and I were in Los Angeles for The Shop Up. This is the second time we've done a pop-up event sponsored by Babyccino Kids. Chatting with vendor friends + customers, enjoying good food, and spending time together are all part of what makes these pop-ups a great experience. But what is most meaningful for Kari and I is seeing the sheer JOY on children's faces when they walk (or sometimes run!) up to our Brimful booth.

Kari and I spend so much time thinking through and studying the toys we pick out for the shop - the colors, the wood quality, the way a toy might roll across the floor - it all has to be "just right"! So after all that energy spent choosing what we hope is the best of the best - it is THRILLING to see a child's pure delight over a stacking toy or a book or a set of blocks.

We opened Brimful with the vision to making life more beautiful with the products from our shop - and this spring's new toys/books/accessories still encapsulate that vision. This new wooden pounding bench is a little different than other wooden benches - instead of pounding all the pegs through several holes, the pegs get pounded through one special hole that slowly pushes the rest out the side - it's really quite clever! In our book collection, we've added Little Honeybee, illustrated by Jane Ormes. The reader counts up to ten by lifting beautiful floral flaps, but there's also bees and other animals to count along the way too. Again - a really unique and special take on the typical counting book for babies.

All new spring products can be found here. We hope you love what you see!