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15 Oct '13

What Really Matters

Posted by Annie Messing

There are many wonderful, rewarding aspects of running an online business. As a mother, I appreciate the fact that I can work from home and still be present with my three children. I am grateful that technology allows me the ease of doing online marketing for Brimful from my smart phone, while sitting in the pick-up lane at school! I really am doing exactly what I want to be doing, when I want to do it. 

What really matters to me is that by becoming a customer at Brimful, you walk away with products that deepen your family experience. The gifts you purchase for your little ones or for someone else's children will enrich their lives.


My entire parenting journey has taken place on military bases. Friends for short periods of time, movings vans, new schools, deployments...this is the bread and butter of life in the military. Last night, a sweet neighbor's husband came home after being gone for a year. Above is a snapshot of their reunion at the airport. I'm not ashamed to say I've shed tears of gratefulness that he's home safe! That my friend doesn't have to fall asleep worried anymore...that her husband, her daughter's father, her best friend is HOME...oh, thank God! 
Friends, let us do everything in life to help preserve the family unit. Whatever shape or size "family" may look like in your life, let's just work hard to make it special, make it loving, and to make it last.