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10 Oct '13

What's the Big Deal with Wooden Blocks?

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

These days I'm up to my knees in legos, but it wasn't too long ago that wooden blocks ruled the living room!

From the time my children were able to stack one block upon the other, I've laid on the floor with each child building, creating, and of course, knocking down.

Over the span of many many months, those simple 2 and 3 block "towers" morphed into castle walls with watch turrets, skyscrapers, brick walls for cars to crash through, landing strips for airplanes, and even soup for hungry dolls. Blocks are a wonderful developmental toy for little ones because it encourages open, multi-functional playtime. 

My children's first set of blocks was a gift and I loved that colorful set (and I openly wish legos were as stylish!). 

When we received our shipment of blocks for Brimful, I was instantly transported back to those times I spent on the floor with my older two children...stacking and building to our heart's content.

The three wooden block sets we offer here at Brimful are heirloom-quality toys, made in Germany. Annie and I carefully chose each set to highlight different skill sets (e.g. sorting shapes, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition). These kinds of speciality blocks are definitely an investment, but I can promise you that the wholesome hours of play and imaginative creations your little ones build is well worth it.