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27 Sep '13

Milestone Baby Cards

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Brimful Favorites

(I have a confession)

My firstborn does not have a baby book.

It’s not for lack of pictures, we have tons! 

But I didn’t write down the exact day she first smiled, rolled from back to tummy,

cut her first tooth, or ate solids for the first time.  

Opportunity, lost. 

If only the Milestone Baby Cards had been around seven years ago!

I would have jumped at the chance to purchase them! The illustrations are so sweet.

I can imagine myself clicking away with my camera, 

capturing my sweet baby girl with her toothless grin...

her tiny hand gripping a Milestone Card. 

Cute, effortlessly quick, and all right there to cherish for years to come.

No scrapbooking required!

kari's first post

And this marks a milestone for me: my first blog post!

xoxo, Kari