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19 Sep '13

Brimful Favorites

Posted by Annie Messing in Brimful Favorites

While every aspect of launching Brimful has been pretty exciting, some of the best moments were opening the boxes of new inventory. All last fall and winter, Kari and I discussed over and over which products we wanted to carry.

So you can imagine after all that thinking and deciding, it was a huge treat to see the products in person! I must sheepishly admit that more than once, we squealed like little girls...the cuteness factor on some of the products was just over-the-top! 

These three gems are among our absolute favorites:

Brimful shop collage

1. Annicke Mouse has those little red tights that just make you want to giggle. Did you know she likes to wake up really early and search the meadow for new mushrooms? Unlike a human, she can tell by scent whether they are poisonous or delicious!

2. We are the only US retailer to carry the reissued version of Friends by Helen Oxenbury. While in London earlier this year, I came across this wordless book and its three companions. The illustrations are simple and darling, with that classic Oxenbury feel to them.

3. The colorful spoons are a staple that Kari discovered when she lived in Norway. And paired with one of the shallow pasta bowls I sourced from Japan (which was then hand-carried back to the US!), it's a great starter feeding set

Happy Thursday...I'll be back again next week with more from behind the scenes here at Brimful!