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29 Jan '16

Three Picture Books for Little Kids

Posted by Annie Messing

When my four children are older and think back to the winter months of their childhood, I hope they will remember what great times we had snuggling up on the couch and reading books together. Over the years, I've found that I have a great passion for picture books - especially ones with intricate illustrations that can be looked at again and again.

I find that I search for picture books online more than anything else! Of course, buying them all wouldn't be very wise, so I'm grateful for the local library and the extensive network of other libraries in our city. Almost weekly, I place a hold for new picture books I've read about on blogs and then we excitedly pick them up a few days later. It's really a fun routine!

Here are three picture books we've been enjoying. All have a whimsical storyline that is relatable for toddlers and older kids. And most importantly - the pages of pictures are top notch, creative beyond belief! Enjoy.

Where is the Cake? by T.T. Khing is a picture book without words, following a group of animals as they adventure through woods, mountains, and waterways. Along the way, a cake gets stolen, and the reader must look for clues as to who took it.

The Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud was such a hit in our house, we've renewed it three times from the library! The book is quite large, so the pictures of Papa Bear and his cub are easy to see. There's all sorts of details that are missed the first time around that makes the book a good one to reread again and again (as children love to do, of course!).

Mr. Postmouse's Rounds by author and illustrator Marianne Dubuc is the story of a postmouse, following him as he makes his daily mail deliveries. Each page is a new location with homes up in trees, underground, and even in the water! We liked Dubuc's creative style so much, we went and borrowed all her other available books at the library too! This is one that would make a delightful gift to a younger child, sure to be enjoyed for a very long time.