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10 Dec '15

Christmas Traditions

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

Traditions play an intricate role in our homes. I like to think that traditions are like golden threads, woven into a family's history. With the holiday season begun, you've probably already delved into the special traditions your family keeps. As you take part in another year of those special rituals, all the cozy memories of doing it in years past come to mind, don't they? Traditions are what tie us to our past and connect us to the future!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my family's fondest holiday traditions. And let's be honest, some years it's all we can do to slap a tree up and see to it that gifts are under the tree before little ones awake - if you open gifts on the 25th that is (wink). If that is you this year, read on and be inspired for next year!

- Operation Christmas Child. The children put a lot of thought into the gifts they buy and enjoy tracking the boxes to their destination. 

- Advent wreath and candle lighting. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas and every weekday dinner between, we light a candle(s) and sing a special verse in Norwegian that builds the anticipation of Jesus' coming. The kids love singing the same verse 6 days in a row before moving on to the next! 

- Gingerbread baking party. What started out as a baking and decorating party with friends morphed into a decorating party with a holiday ornament craft. It's a special time to gather friends and enjoy Christmas cheer together. 

-Baking Norwegian Christmas cookies. There must be 7 different kinds on the 24th, so the saying goes. My favorite are krumkaker and berlinerkranser. For the record I never make it to 7 different kinds... more like 3.

- Opening gifts on the 24th. My husband grew up in the eastern part of Norway so we serve Ribbe (a type of glorified bacon) for dinner on the 24th with all the other necessary side dishes! After dinner we enjoy our Christmas cookies and cakes with coffee while we open presents! 

I hope you have a meaningful Christmas this year, full of treasured memories.