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06 Nov '15

Easy, Bright Melamine Tableware for Kids

Posted by Annie Messing
1. Brimful Bowl & Spoon Set 2. Sarah and Abraham Personalized Plate
3. Love Mae Bamboo Tray 4. Ingela Arrenhuis Bowl 
5. Petit Jour Paris Manners Plate 6. Maileg Bunny Plate
Melamine plates and bowls are a simple practical way to make mealtime fun! They are easy to clean, keep looking great even after years of use, and make a great conversation starter when your children have little guests over! With so many options available, I've narrowed it all down to six great choices. Whether you're looking for something personalized, animal-themed, or just downright cute, I think you'll find it all here! Remember to never use melamine in the microwave, and hand-washing is always best to preserve the quality of the plate's design/pattern.