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21 Sep '15

Shop Up NYC - Brimful's first pop-up event!

Posted by Annie Messing in Behind the Scenes

When the ladies from Babyccino Kids hosted their first Shop Up in London in December 2013, I sent my sister (who was living there at the time) to check it out - and of course she reported that it was a raving success!

Kari and I had just launched Brimful a few months before that, but we already had "do a pop-up event" as a goal for the future. So when the invitation came earlier this year to join the Shop Up in Brooklyn, we were ready to sign up.

Despite part of our inventory getting delayed in transit from the west coast (oops!), the entire event was everything we hoped it would be. Kari and I have spent so much time choosing products for Brimful, so to see people's eyes light up upon seeing our booth was deeply affirming. Beyond just the special opportunity of seeing our customers in real life for the first time, we also really enjoyed swapping stories with them about motherhood. And it goes without saying that the children who came by our booth (some more than once) were lovely indeed. Kari and I wished our children could have been there too!

I'm so thankful to Courtney, Esther, and Emilie for giving us the platform in which to meet so many wonderful people in Brooklyn - we will definitely be back again next year!

Photos by Nicki Sebastian for Babyccino Kids. More photos here