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01 Sep '15

Playing Together

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

When I was a new mother with Sydney I was intent on spending every hour with her or close to her. I could spend hours cooing and singing to her during those first months. I fully intended to be the perfect mother, as we all do. Toddler years and beyond now I understand that mothering isn't about being perfect but adjusting to life and staying humble, and that giving attentiveness, kindness, and boundaries, to our children is our job.

The toys we gather at Brimful aren't necessarily intended for independent play. Children love to be with, bond with, and learn from loved ones. Play is like the glue that sticks all that being, bonding, and learning together.

As we start off a fresh new school year, I encourage you to make the time to sit down and "just be" with your little ones. Look them in the eyes, watch their little faces light up, and play!