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22 Dec '14

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

Posted by Annie Messing in Recipes
While I have been eating gluten-free for almost five years, I have not tried my hand at baking gluten-free gingerbread cookies until now. Somehow the task seemed daunting to me, but I'm not really sure why!

As this is our family's first Christmas in a new city and home, I've been trying to make it a little more special. I don't bake very often, so when I told the children we were going to make gingerbread cookies - and invite friends over to have a frosting party - they just about fell over with delight. Yea -  I should probably bake with them more often!

For most gluten-free baking projects, I use this flour. But for special treats, this gluten-free flour is just the best of the best. My older three children and I had a great time mixing up the cookie dough and discussing the various spices that we added. Smelling each ingredient before adding it is always such fun with kids.

After chilling the dough overnight, we rolled it out, albeit perhaps over-flouring it at times! I was nervous that once being cut by the cookie cutters, the dough would be difficult to transfer to the cookie sheet. Gluten-free dough isn't always as pliable/sticky as regular wheat dough. But this dough stayed together very well...and if it got a little too soft, we just popped it in the freezer for a few moments to firm up.

The cookies came out just right...and our party guests didn't even know they were gluten-free! I foresee more gingerbread baking later this week...and maybe next year I'll even be brave enough to try baking a gingerbread house from scratch! Maybe.

Here is the gluten-free gingerbread recipe for those of you wanting to try it. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas week!



P.S. We also did a small batch of gluten-free sugar cookies which came out great. I think these cookies would be great for tea parties.