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29 Sep '14

A Gem of a Story

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Behind the Scenes

I love crazy stories with good endings. Running Brimful is mostly about following a usual protocol and learning how to juggle that with my home life...but every once in awhile a gem of a story pops up - like what happened a few weeks ago.

We've received a lot of love to the shop over the past weeks, so when fulfilling several orders at once - routine is a must. I haven't previously experienced order fulfillment to being anything other than perfect and normal...until Annie sent me the oddest text recently.

"Have you been missing a diamond ring lately?", she texted.

I was in utter surprise. "Wait, what?", I texted back.

I dropped everything to check our inbox, where I found an email from the best customer, explaining that she had found a diamond ring in her order and wondered if it could possibly be mine.

And oh, this wasn’t any ring, it happened to be my late mother's ring and priceless to me.

Crazier still, I didn't even know it had gone missing!

I have absolutely no idea how it managed to find it’s way to Illinois, but I’m so extremely thankful to this customer for sending it back! (I did sweetly asked my 3 year old if he might have put anything in a box, but to no avail.)

Now Annie and I can laugh, we sure completed our first year of business on a funny note!