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13 Jun '14

Spaghetti With Sweet Potatoes and Ricotta

Posted by Annie Messing in Recipes

My parents eat meat at almost every evening meal...which isn't the way my family and I usually eat. So with Dad and Mom out of town on a trip, I'm kind of excited to have my mother's big kitchen all to myself and take advantage of all the amazing fresh local produce here in the Northwest. Spaghetti is of course, always an easy meatless entree, but it gets boring to always have it with the usual tomato-based sauce, don't you agree?

For one of this weekend's dinners, I'm turning to a favorite pasta recipe, saved from an old issue of Real Simple. The dish is incredibly flavorful for having so few ingredients and as with any Real Simple recipe...it's a cinch to make! Although recipes with sweet potatoes are usually considered more for autumn meals, this is a keeper of a dish...good year round! 


Happy Friday and if you don't know about it, hop on over to Design Mom this weekend to sign up for the Brimful giveaway she's running on her blog!



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