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06 Jun '14

Together Again

Posted by Annie Messing in Behind the Scenes, Happy Friday

Can it really have been a year since Kari and I (and our hoard of children) were together?! I am home in Portland, OR this month...and Kari and I have wasted no time in hanging out. We happily mix our wonderful friendship with Brimful business talk and tasks. Since I don't get the pleasure of being around our products, you can imagine how happy I've been "playing" and photographing our toy inventory.

It's a blessed thing to get along so well with one's business partner...and have six little children that love being around each other too. If you are a Portland area reader or will be visiting Portland with kids in tow, here are a few favorite places Kari and I like to take our families:

1) Powell's Books Store - As the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world, it's truly a treasure trove for book lovers young and old.

2) New Seasons - We love this local grocery store's fresh food buffet...it's perfect for lunch with kids.

3) Cannon Beach - While not always sunny and warm, this beach town has incredible ocean scenery, a cute downtown, and the best taffy shop.

4) Bi-Zi Farms - A great little farm stand with freshly picked berries that are washed and ready to buy.

5) Jameson Square - The tidal pool/fountain is gentle yet fun for school age kids and toddlers...and the water is treated, which of course every mother appreciates!

Hope wherever you are reading from, you have a wonderful summer weekend ahead of you!



P.S. The felt dress-up crowns that Sander and Mei-Mei are wearing in the photos above are available here.