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25 Apr '14

Bits of Color

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Fashion and Style

It feels like we’re on the cusp of summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Yet I begin most days still wearing some form of wool!  Annie just reminded me what life in the high desert is like right now… 70’s and sunny. Yes, please.

To follow up from her spring outfit post last month, here are my picks!


Kari's Spring Outfit

Splashes of color, cuff bracelets, and simple earrings are a few things I have never tired of in my wardrobe. Similar to the ones shown above, I’m loving Anthropologie's Pilcro Superscript high-rise jeans right now. They are perfect for playing on the floor with kids and picking up afterwards. The purse is a secret joy mothers will understand. My youngest child is now old enough for me to have graduated from a diaper bag to this saddle bag from Madewell. Oh, the novelty of toting such a small purse*!

Here’s to a sunny weekend spent with loved ones...with a side of wool for those of you who reside here in the Pacific Northwest (wink). 


P.S. While Annie and I have very different clothing styles, but did you notice we have similar purses? We bought them together on a shopping trip to Seattle last summer. So looking forward to time together once she comes up for her summer visit!