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20 Mar '14

The Casual (and Stylish) Mama Outfit

Posted by Annie Messing in Fashion and Style


Spring Mama

Leggings - I've loved them since 7th grade. Thankfully, my sense of style has improved somewhat since then...no longer do I dress in the same color from head to toe, including a matching hair scrunchy! Nonetheless, leggings are more a part of my wardrobe now than ever before.

Let's face it, having children changes our core....what was once firm and impervious to muffin tops...is no longer so firm anymore! I found that after my third baby, I just felt more comfortable with a higher waistband than my jeans could offer. Thus, legging provided the perfect solution. I've tried many brands, but my favorite are by J.Crew. The waistband isn't to high or too low, and the colors and fit are just right. 

This spring, I've fallen back in love with button-down shirts, particularly because they look far more put-together than a simple t-shirt, while still being very comfortable. I would suggest a looser fit  button-down, like this one from Gap. Sleeves worn up or down, I appreciate how versatile it is...and of course, it goes well with leggings.

Try taking these two simple spring/early summer staples and mixing with a few accessories you already have. You can see in the image above that I've shown you how I accessorize my staples. No mother is truly completely dressed until she adds snacks, pacifiers, and a toddler water bottle to complete her outfit, right?

Taking care of small children doesn't always bode well for our fashion sense, trust me, I've had my moments of being a complete slob! But I've found that when I take a little effort to be comfortable and stylish, I am a better Mama. Perhaps just as tired, but definitely more confident and content.