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14 Mar '14

Freshly Picked Moccasin Review (toddler edition)

Posted by Annie Messing in Product Reviews
freshly picked moccs 1


Not long after joining Instagram last fall, I kept seeing cute leather moccasins popping up in @brimfulshop newsfeed. Now I've always been a big fan of soft-sole shoes, so my interested in this beautiful footwear was piqued!

After checking out the Freshly Picked website and reading a little more about Susan Peterson and how she started her business, I was very impressed. But the price tag of $60/pair was a little more than I'm used to paying for shoes for my toddler, so I didn't purchase any. But, the buzz on Instagram continued and the positive reviews of other customers kept rolling in, so on Black Friday, I bought two pairs for my daughter. 

Five minutes after removing the moccs from the box, I became forever smitten with these amazing little shoes. The leather is higher quality than any other soft sole shoes I've purchased, the color is vibrant, and I LOVE that they are free of gender-specific designs. 

Now four months later, my daughter wears her silver moccs every day...and often will refuse to take them off at bedtime! She loves them as much as I love having her wear them (score!). To the playground, along the sidewalk, or just running errands around town, I have not found a setting where the moccs aren't suitable. I've also been pleased how well the moccasins have worn over time. The stitching and elastic around the ankle has stayed perfectly strong and the leather has stayed bright and soft (with normal wear around the toe area from busy toddler activity of course). 

freshly picked moccs 2


Susan and her FP team have kindly offered up a pair of moccasins for us to give away! On Monday (3/17), we are celebrating Brimful being open for six months and will be running the giveaway via our Instagram account. Along with the moccs, we'll be including a few treats from the shop too...yay!