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07 Mar '14

Treasured Toys

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Happy Friday
kari's mom's puppy


The above picture is of my mother with a stuffed dog. She received it for Christmas, oh some 50 years ago! A few months ago, my aunt (the other little girl in the photo) passed the dog down to me. It has to be the sweetest little stuffed poodle I have ever seen...and so well made too!

For so many reason, I'm thrilled and deeply touched to have this stuffed toy and picture of my mother, who passed away seven years ago. 

Holding on to things for the sake of a memory wasn't my thing - until a few years back. Maybe it was the baby effect, or tragedies of life that knock us off track and give new understanding. Whatever it was - I now want to hang on to and treasure everything. It still feels unfamiliar to tuck away simple items of sentimental value (like an outgrown newborn onesie), but it also feels so, so right.

One of the reasons Annie and I will always seek out high-quality toys for Brimful is because of longevity. We cherish the toys that have been passed down to us and we want to offer toys that with good care, can be passed down in your family.

Here’s to well crafted toys that can be enjoyed...forever!

xoxo - Kari