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05 Feb '14

Nesting Toys

Posted by Annie Messing
nesting block collage


Let's talk nesting blocks/boxes/dolls today. This is one of toys that I've spent WAY too much time deliberating about for the shop. And as you can see, we don't have one currently available because I can't make up my mind which one is best for Brimful!

Cardboard nesting boxes are light, available in many modern designs and patterns, and have a great price point. But Kari and I worry about how durable they would be. Babies love to chew...and slobber + cardboard = soggy nesting boxes.

Next is plastic. Durable and immune to slobber, but available anywhere and everywhere! There aren't any sets I can find that are truly unique or don't come in garish colors. Just as a side note though, the plastic bucket set shown in the photo above is the same my children enjoyed as babies. They loved it and it's held up very well. So plastic is not to be discounted.

Then my personal favorite - wooden nesting boxes or wooden nesting dolls. Beautifully designed and made of a sustainable material. But wooden nesting toys can be on the heavier side and the price point is MUCH higher than cardboard or plastic.

As we hunt for "the perfect nesting toy" to offer here at Brimful, we'd love your feedback! What's worked for your child/children? Is there a type you'd love to see in our shop? Leave a comment on our Facebook page under the link for this post or drop us an email at info[at]brimfulshop.com. We want your feedback!