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09 Jan '14

Herb Marinated Chicken

Posted by Annie Messing in Recipes
best chicken ever
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I really did not think a new recipe for "lemon + chicken" could surprise my tastebuds.

But apparently I hadn't tasted Jamie Oliver's version! His herb marinated chicken (with lemon) recipe is quite possibly THE BEST CHICKEN DISH I've ever had. It's quick, incredibly flavorful, and totally perfect for a fresh, fast weeknight meal. 

The recipe calls for a spatchcocked chicken (what we call "butterflied" here in the US), which a butcher can easily do for you if you don't wish to do it at home. An even easier way to make the dish is with boneless skinless chicken breasts. 

Pair chicken with a salad and rice/potatoes/rolls and dinner is served! Go here for the printable version of the recipe. 

I'm a busy mama, just like you. So when I find an easy, healthy meal that my whole family enjoys, I just can't wait to share it! Hope you try it out and love it.