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06 Jan '14

Thrive, not Survive

Posted by Annie Messing

I was texting with my friend Ruth* the other night...she lovingly reminded me that instead of just trying to survive the year ahead, I should seek to thrive! 

My family life is going to go through a big change this year. In the coming months, it will be time to uproot our life in New Mexico and move (my husband is in the military). Even though we are used to this kind of lifestyle, there's never an easy way out of saying goodbye to the familiar and plunking the five of us down in a new place! My instinct is to just brace through it...but I'm really going to try my hardest and follow Ruth's advice to thrive through it.

Many of Brimful's customers are new mothers or mothers-to-be. Raising little ones can feel a bit like a game of survival as well, can't it?

In this new year, I encourage you to find one moment each day to thrive with your baby. Take 5 minutes to read a book, play peek-a-boo, or stack blocks. That one-on-one attention will remind baby that you're not too busy for him/her...and I'm pretty sure it will work as a momentary elixir when teething, fever, tantrums, and nap-striking is getting the best of you. 



*Ruth has created a beautiful print, exclusive to Brimful, that will be added to the shop later this month. We are so grateful for the chance to collaborate with her!