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15 Dec '13

Reflections on Owning a Small Business, Part 1

Posted by Annie Messing in Behind the Scenes
me and brimful


Many mornings, after dropping my older two off at school, I sip my second cup of coffee and get to work on answering emails and reading various online articles. More often than not, as I type away on my laptop, my 22-month old is trying to crawl over it. Mid-email to a vendor in Poland, I may have to take a break and play with some block. Or while trying to edit a photo for Instagram, I'm also changing a diaper. 

This crazy thing called "owning your own small business"...it's not glamorous, but it IS fun. Kari and I often discuss how even though we juggle motherhood while running Brimful, the experience has (thus far) been very affirming. Creating a business/brand from nothing and watching it grow - there are actually many parallels with motherhood! We have exciting days where really cool things happen...then days when sales are slow or vendors can't come through in the way we hoped. 

But it's all good. The learning experience and the challenges we've faced and overcome have taught us the power of teamwork, the power of trusting our gut, and the power of delegation! 

For fun, I created the graphic above to show you'll the half of Brimful that are my responsibilities. This is what I spend my days doing...while also folding underwear, overseeing homework, and figuring out what's for dinner. Kari will do her own responsibility graphic sometime...I think her half is even crazier than mine!

During this season of gifting and shopping and being thankful, I just want to express my gratitude for your support of our small business. Each purchase is an affirmation of a dream come true.

I hope your little ones love the gifts you've chosen for them from Brimful. We'd love to see and feature photos of them with their new toys!