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14 Dec '13

Brimful Gift Guide - Baby's First Christmas

Posted by Annie Messing in Gift Guides

If you received our newsletter earlier this week, you know we mentioned posting a few gift guides for babies! Today's guide is themed for a baby girl, 0 - 12 months old.

Let's face it, babies do not need a lot to be happy. As long as they have milk, ample sleep, and a loved one to keep them company, they are pretty much content! We can't sell you a good night's sleep (oh wouldn't that be lovely!), but we can suggest a few gifts for baby's first Christmas that will add an extra special sparkle. (Images as linked)


1. Wool Neck Warmer - add a little flair and extra warmth to any winter outfit.
2. Milestone Baby Cards - an easy way to commemorate baby's firsts.
3. Flowers by Matthew Porter - baby will enjoy the black and white patterns of this beautiful board book. 
4. Pearl Teething Ring - the little bell has such a sweet tinkling sound!
5. Baby Play Silks - So fun to play peek-a-boo with. 
6. Baby Feeding Spoons - a colorful way to feed baby her first soft foods.
7. Tobbles Neo Stacker - if you're going to go the plastic toy route, this is the one to choose!
8. Silver Leather Moccasins - no gender specific design means these shoes will go with everything.
9. Raven Doll - give baby her first doll, handmade and super soft.