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06 Oct '14

Baby's First Halloween

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

Do you dress your little one(s) up for Halloween? My family doesn't do it every year, but when I do dress them for the occasion, they usually end up in wool sweaters and warm hats over their costumes, with an umbrella ;). 

Autumn is in full swing at my house, with copious amounts homemade applesauce (with pumpkin spice!) being devoured every day. This coming weekend, we plan to visit the local apple orchard, harvesting more apples, for yet even more applesauce. And maybe a pie!  

Here's something fu for those of you with new babies - Milestone Baby Cards has designed a free card, new for Halloween 2014! You can go here to download and print the card. And for more fun, here are my Brimful picks for a cozy and happy autumn for baby.