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26 Jul '14

Six Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

My children have roughly 6 weeks left of summer. Last week we finally reached the tipping point where they began to thrive in our unstructured days. And, they actually started sleeping in.

We've had a good routine of swimming, biking, sprinkler fun, sidewalk chalk (oh the mess!), reading, and free play going on from week to week. But I still have a few more summer activities up my sleeve:

1. Back Yard Camping - I can hear the squeals of glee even as I type. 

2. Blueberry picking. Our bushes are heavy with ripe berries.

3. Kitchen experiment involving a microwave and a bar of soap. I rarely suggest such messy activities!

4. A water-blob, in the back yard. Can you imagine adding a little soap from the above activity?? (wink)

5. Picnic with friends. I hope you are already enjoying meals with friends this summer!

6. Popsicle stick crafts. We'll also attempt to create a bridge.  

If you have babies and toddlers in the house, here are two fun activities you can do with them during these long days of summer.

Playing with Blocks
Different Ways to Use a Playsilk

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