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20 Jun '14

A Pony-Themed Birthday Party

Posted by Kari Spikkeland

For my family, birthdays are on par with Christmas. No matter the age, we have a tradition of waking the birthday celebrant up early with singing, gifts, and breakfast in bed. There's always a sweet treat with a candle too!

Last weekend we celebrated Sydney's 8th birthday. She's my eldest, so of course I'm doubly sentimental that she's another year older and that I've been a mama for that long as well.

This year's party was a celebration of Sydney's two favorite hobbies - horses and art.

Twelve little girls enjoyed creating a reverse image painting and running around a "horse jump" course Sydney had created in our backyard. There was plenty of cake, party favors, and admiring of all the new presents too.

Enjoying the company and play of her dearest friends was certainly the best gift Sydney received. I think it shows on her face!