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13 Feb '14

Valentine's Day...and beyond

Posted by Annie Messing
love notes

Valentine’s Day is this Friday and I wanted to share a few thoughts on it. Personally, it’s never been a big holiday in my life. I never celebrated it as a child and when I started dating my husband, we mutually agreed it wasn’t really the holiday for us (much to my husband’s relief because he is not a grand gestures kind of guy!). 

February 14th didn’t become a big deal until my eldest child started preschool. Wow, than I was assaulted with buying kid-friendly candies, treat baggies to stuff, and class names to help my daughter scrawl. Now we have two in elementary school and it’s about at $50 production! 

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mind it. I think it’s fun for my little ones to spread a little love to their classmates and receive in kind. My 2nd grader said to me earlier this week, “Mama, I’m going to need a very LARGE card for my teacher….I have a lot to say to her!”. 

Alongside these sweet gestures, I believe it’s important to encourage the mindset that showing and sharing love is an every day thing. Here’s what we do at our house to show our affections in simple easy ways, all year long:

Love/Encouragement Notepads (keep it in an easy-to-grab spot and write notes to hide in lunches or on a mirror.)

Red Glass Pocket Hearts (for test days, hard days, sad days, exciting days...my school age kids LOVE these.)

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day...we will be adding several new wooden toys in the shop over the weekend...and will be having a giveaway on Design Mom next week!