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25 Nov '14

Brimful Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Little Girls

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Gift Guides

Our first gift guide of the season is all about gift inspiration for the youngest little girl on your list. She's curious, adventurous, imaginative, and reflective. Enjoy!


1) Cape: This beautiful "Ridinghood" cape comes with a detachable hood for hours of pretend play, inside and out.

2) Feather Crown: If it's a crown your little girl wants, how about this feather + jewel one? The details are exquisite.

3) Tea Set (On Sale): Made from recycled milk jugs, this tea set is environmentally friendly and shatter proof. So go ahead, have tea-time during bath-time!

4) Sophie & Lili Doll: Hand-knit of 100% baby alpaca, this doll is a true heirloom piece.

5) Snail Sort Roller: Pull the snail's body and the shell rolls round and round.

6) Polar Bear Rocker: This plush polar bear rocker is wonderfully sturdy and soft at the same time.

7) My First Book of Sounds Book: Alain Gree's stunning vintage illustrations leap out from every page.

8) Mermaid Baby Gown: How cute is this organic cotton baby gown in mermaid print?!

9) Doll Pram: For the little girl that loves dolls, this classic-yet-modern wooden pram is very sweet. 






14 Dec '13

Brimful Gift Guide - The Active Toddler

Posted by Kari Spikkeland in Gift Guides

What's sweeter than spending time thinking over a toy, then watching your child enjoy it just the way you hoped he/she would?

As I prepared this little gift list for the 12-24 month crowd I felt giddy! I love the toddler stage. As the world unfolds around them, each day holds new discoveries and experiences . And they have sooo much energy and curiosity!

Toddlers treat every day like a fresh new adventure and they want to enjoy every hour (except nap time, of course). This list is filled with gift items for fun play while encouraging thinking, motor skills, and exploration.

Best of all, your little one will go back to these toys over and over again. (My 7 year old still races around on our indoor trike, see #8)

xoxo, Kari


1. Wooden Fishing Set - combine with a laundry basket for the perfect sailing experience!
2. Bedtime for Tad - a wonderful story about a little rabbit who wonders what he will do when he falls asleep.
3. Wooden Maracas - introduce rhythm and music with these percussion pieces. 
4. Felt Campfire Play Set* - Annie's children have spent hours play camping with this set! 
5. Simeon Bear - he's part teddy bear, part pillow and oh-so-soft to cuddle at bedtime. 
6. Dust Pan and Brush - nurture a love to be tidy with this child-sized dust pan set.
7. Push Lawnmower - a beautiful pretend toy for littles ones who like to "mow" or "vacuum". 
8. Wooden Blue Trike - Use indoors to keep active toddlers from getting bored...and it's easy on the eyes too. 
9. Stacking Cubes Blocks - 27 colorful square blocks to build, pretend and imagine with. 
10. Tractor Trailer Set - finally a tractor that can be left out in the sandbox without worry (plastic = no rust). 


*A lesser quality campfire set was recently released by a well-known chain toy store. It's an unfortunate copy and sad that the artist didn't get credit for her original work. 


14 Dec '13

Brimful Gift Guide - Baby's First Christmas

Posted by Annie Messing in Gift Guides

If you received our newsletter earlier this week, you know we mentioned posting a few gift guides for babies! Today's guide is themed for a baby girl, 0 - 12 months old.

Let's face it, babies do not need a lot to be happy. As long as they have milk, ample sleep, and a loved one to keep them company, they are pretty much content! We can't sell you a good night's sleep (oh wouldn't that be lovely!), but we can suggest a few gifts for baby's first Christmas that will add an extra special sparkle. (Images as linked)


1. Wool Neck Warmer - add a little flair and extra warmth to any winter outfit.
2. Milestone Baby Cards - an easy way to commemorate baby's firsts.
3. Flowers by Matthew Porter - baby will enjoy the black and white patterns of this beautiful board book. 
4. Pearl Teething Ring - the little bell has such a sweet tinkling sound!
5. Baby Play Silks - So fun to play peek-a-boo with. 
6. Baby Feeding Spoons - a colorful way to feed baby her first soft foods.
7. Tobbles Neo Stacker - if you're going to go the plastic toy route, this is the one to choose!
8. Silver Leather Moccasins - no gender specific design means these shoes will go with everything.
9. Raven Doll - give baby her first doll, handmade and super soft.