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29 Aug '14

Nine Newborn Essentials

Posted by Annie Messing

I'm due with my fourth baby very soon...any day now really!

Since we just moved across the country and are still setting up our home, I'm very behind on getting things ready for this new little one. There's still newborn laundry to be washed and put away, the carseat to install, and a new breastpump to purchase (because after the first three children, my original pump pretty much spontaneously combusted...no joke!).

On the other hand, this is my FOURTH child. I pretty much have everything I need. I laugh now when I think back to being an expectant parent with my firstborn. My husband and I researched about the best bouncy seats, changing table stations, and diaper pails. And of course, we had the play-yard with classical music sounds and looked for a stroller like it was a car.

But nearly four kids and eight years later...all of those things (except the stroller) have been given away to friends or donated. The diaper pail was a pain to empty...none of my children liked the play-yard...and my bed has always been an easier diaper changing spot than the changing table.

The longer I've been a mother, the more I've realized that having all that "equipment" was just not necessary. Keeping it simple and basic is what works the best, at least for me! That's NOT to say there aren't a few tried and true newborn essentials that I absolutely rely on when there's a baby in the house. Below is a list of nine newborn essentials that I love...and there's a few new things thrown in there that I'm excited about using for this fourth child.


1. Born Free Glass bottles - with glass, there are no worries about leaching chemicals and I like this brand's venting system.

2. Rainbow Teething Ring - it's got the sweetest tinkling bell and all my babies loved sucking on the colorful wooden beads.

3. Chinese Cotton Prefolds - I don't cloth diaper, but I use these as burp cloths because they are so very absorbent.

4. Kimono Onesies - these loose, easy-to-dress sleepers are what all my babies live in during their first few months. Mine were all purchased in Japan and Taiwan, thanks to my mother.

5. Solly Baby Wrap* - this wrap has been so well reviewed online, I cannot wait to try one.

6. Puj Tub* - this collapsible tub is brilliantly designed and will make giving baby a bath so much easier.

7. Inglesina Zippy Stroller - my 2005 model is still going strong and while I've often considered buying a new stroller, I just love my Zippy too much! It's best feature is the one hand fold...no other stroller can compare.

8. Cotton Muslin Blanket - this style blanket is incredible for swaddling. It's softness and breathability is what won me over.

9. Mustela Lotion Spray - it's easy to apply and has a lovely light scent...everything this brand makes is top notch.

Hope you've enjoyed reading through my list and if you're preparing for a new little one, perhaps it's helped you narrow down what you might need.

Remember that more important than any baby "essential" or "must-have" you buy, is the love you give your sweet new little one. Thank goodness that doesn't cost a cent.



*I'll be sure to write a review post on this new-to-me essential in a few months, so check back!