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Holzwald Turtle

Holzwald Turtle


Wooden Turtle, measuring 2.3'' tall x 3.6'' wide.

Holzwald's beautiful animals are handmade in small batches in the European country of Georgia. Since 1997, these wooden animals have been made with love and dedication, using only the highest quality FSC-certified wood. The edges are rounded and finely sanded in several steps, making each animal comfortable and soft to hold. Finally, they are painted with natural dyes (Biofa) and polished with a high-quality oil.

Holzwald's workshop is in a small community and its employees are given fair wages and a friendly working atmosphere. This is how sustainable toys are created that are loved and passed on from generation to generation. Each toy is simple enough to encourage imaginative play, but accurate enough to be realistic. In this way, children's sense of beauty and imagination is encouraged.

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