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Billes & Co. Fantasy Unicorn Marbles Box

Billes & Co. Fantasy Unicorn Marbles Box


Billes & Co. marbles are beyond unique and wonderful! Each box of marbles is curated from hundreds of hand-painted and beautiful marbles from around the world. It comes to you perfectly color-coordinated, playful, and ready to enjoy.

The Fantasy Unicorn set is the result of a collaboration with the rarest herd of unicorns in the world, known for their legendary grace. Its marbles, in soft shades of pink, white and gold, transport you into a world of magic and adventure. Imagine wonderful stories and exciting games. An enchanted parenthesis to find your child’s soul.

Box of 68 contains:

24 5/8 inch (16mm) marbles

14 9/16 inch (14 mm) marbles

4 7/8 inch (22-25 mm) shooters

26 pebbles

Use in a marble track, in a game of the classic marbles game or for open-ended play!

Suitable for ages 5+.

Product designed and assembled in France. Marbles made in Mexico.

Composition: 69% glass – 3% plastic – 28% paper and cardboard.

Complies with CE and ASTM/CPSIA standards.