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Sage the Gnome

Sage the Gnome


Say hello to Sage the Gnome!  

Sage lives in the forest with his friends. Together they take care of the forest-dwelling creatures and the nature around them. 

Sage is the keeper of ancient spells and secrets, he is the go-to gnome for all things magical and mystical. If you listen very carefully, sometimes Sage can be heard mixing a lovely spell to keep his critter friends toasty warm on a cold night. If you’re lucky, he might share it with you!  

Handmade, fully posable and measuring 4.3 in. tall (5.9 in. when wearing his pointy hat), Sage is the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or keep close-by in a pocket. Sage’s hat and cotton coat are removable.

Sage is a special edition, rare and collectible - part of the Holdie Folk collection by Olli Ella. Perfect to give as a gift or for small folk to display at home.  For ages 3+ 

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