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Me & The Moon – Moon Phase Calendar

Me & The Moon – Moon Phase Calendar


A beautiful perpetual Moon Phase calendar for little Moon watchers. It’s a puzzle and your own lunar calendar. Observe the moon & change the magnetic moon discs each day. You’ll learn how the moon phase cycles every 28 days.

Add today’s moon, learn to complete the whole cycle and find out what the next phase will be. The accompanying card shows lots of Moon facts. The calendar can be played with on a table or hung on the wall.

Made of solid beech wood with embedded magnets and finished with non-toxic water-based paint. For Age 3 and older. Contains magnets embedded safely.

Base measures approx. 9.45'' x 10.6''.

Calendar includes:
1 double-sided Earth disc
8 magnetic moon discs (diameter measures 2.28'' with the name of each phase.)
Month and Day cards
A moon phase card
A cardboard storage box