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Farmer Poppy

Farmer Poppy


Say hello to Farmer Poppy! She is a gardener extraordinaire and grows the biggest vegetables around! Poppy carries her basket everywhere, ready to pick fruit and vegetables for all her friends.

Handmade, fully posable and measuring 4.3" tall, Poppy is the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or keep close-by in a pocket. 

Farmer Poppy is a special edition, rare and collectible - part of the Holdie Folk collection by Olli Ella. Perfect to give as a gift or for small folk to display at home. 

Poppy comes dressed in removable custom print cotton dress and cotton underwear. She carries a removable cotton fabric straw basket. For ages 3+

Dimensions: H4.3" x D1.2" x W3.9" (full arm span)

Weight: 0.06 lb


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